At a Glance

Display all of your assets and drivers on a single screen, providing a quick insight into the current status of your operations.

Efficient Driving

Identify and reduce inefficient driving practices, including over-rev, poor gear selection, excessing idling and harsh manoeuvres.

Limit Liability

Accurate GPS and accelerometer data can verify vehicle locations, movements and driving styles to eliminate fraudulent insurance claims.


CAMtracker LIVE is an innovative new offering from FleetSeek, incorporating advanced 3G vehicle cameras along with LIVE GPS tracking & monitoring technology.

An all-in-one solution that not only gives operators access to remotely view high definition footage in real-time on your mobile device or PC but also gives you visibility of your entire fleets movements along with driver training tools to ensure that you have safer drivers and less accidents.

In addition to these features, we have also added a number of valuable IVMS, and OH&S features as part of the package.

With CAMTracker LIVE any fleet will gain a huge advantage over rivals, we have great packages available to suit any business.

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Mobile Ready

Our driver safety camera sends real-time video events directly to your phone or to our web platform, making it easy for you to have eyes on the road.