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Key Benefits

There are countless benefits of implementing a CAMTracker LIVE solution across your Fleet! In addition to Real-Time visibility of your Fleet (Vehicles, Plant, and Machinery), as a taster amongst many other features, you can also benefit from the following:

• Significantly reduce Operational/Fleet insurance costs.

• Complete Visibility over Fleet Operations – Enabling Risk Management Control.

• Prove innocence and what really happened.

• Detect unsafe driving and driver training needs.

• Alter driver behaviour.​​​

​​• Increased accuracy/admissible G-Force and GPS data required to defend or help mitigate third party repair costs or injury claims.​

Improve Efficencies

Reduce the accident frequency among the fleet by up to 60%

Reduce average third party claim costs by more than 25%

Allow you to identify Training & Development needs

Improve Fuel Management

Increase Productivity

The dependability of a cutting edge integrated 3G vehicle driver safety camera and GPS tracking system, FleetSeek have created the CAMTracker LIVE solution to protect your fleet against false driving allegations, complaints from the general public, high claims and OH&S.

With inumberable benefits to the CAMTracker Solution – our customers are finding that they are able to develop training programmes to improve on driver behaviour. The implementation of the driver safety camera has led to a huge reduction in accident frequencies and ratios.

The CAMTracker LIVE Software is web based and is also available on mobile and tablet devices. Via sophisticated application you will receive HD quality video footage of high, medium, low level incidents and accidents that are available within minutes from the scene, as well as live tracking and vehicle / driver safety statistics.​