Internal Dash Cam & Audio

Our units collect data, from your fleet in Real-Time, essentially while the machine, plant, or vehicle is in operation. We store this data in balanced, internal memory, and just to be doubly reliable we also back this up on to a SD card. The data that is collected by CAMTracker LIVE & the Internal Dash Cam is essentially everything that can be monitored via electronics, such as ODO (Speed), Trip, Stop & Idle. Any auxiliary equipment usage, temperature and much more. This amazing feature now comes with Audio enabling you to have ears on the road. Why not call us on 1300 693 533 for more information, or arrange a FREE web Demonstration!

Video Alerts

CAMtracker LIVE is our innovative new offering, consisting of LIVE GPS tracking & monitoring technology, and Cameras in an all-in-one solution that enables you to view live footage from strategically placed Dash Cameras inside the vehicle.

As it happens, when it happens. No need for outdated monitoring methods, this little beauty sends a video clip straight to you inbox, or to your mobile device!! In Real-Time!!

It’s as simple as that!

We can also monitor the entire vehicle, if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, why not enquire about our full range of internal and external cameras, as well as our cutting edge proximity range!


Trip and Stop Reporting
Records accurate travel times and trip distances including daily totals of travel times and distances.

Geofencing (Site Reporting)
A geofence marks and names a piece of land allowing you to report who, what, when and how long a vehicle entered a particular area.

Driver ID/Driver Hours
Our easy to use driver ID device will give you live and historical information on who is driving the vehicle at any given time.

Accelerometer Driver Behaviour Monitoring
The 3-way accelerometer measures forward acceleration, deceleration and lateral acceleration (i.e. how fast the vehicle is going around corners) in G forces.

Digital Inputs/PTO
Monitor the live and historic usage of additional vehicle components and report on the location of where it is used and its duration.


Track and Historical Trace
Through our GPS vehicle tracking systems, FleetSeek has helped hundreds of businesses improve their bottom line by driving down fleet operating costs, and improving fleet productivity (so increasing revenues).

The system is an easy-to-use, internet based application that provides everything you need to improve your fleets efficiency, safety and emissions. It has the capacity for GPS tracking Australia wide.

Our vehicle tracking systems system provide a complete suite of the most commonly demanded reports. This includes history, summary, journey, location, speeding, idling, working hours and more. All reports are fully customisable so that information can be personalised to your business.